Weapon Loading

The Didsbury Weapon Loader (DWL) has been designed to load and remove stores up to 700 kg.


Traditionally there has been a range of bespoke loaders for different weapon and role equipment types. Didsbury Engineering have broken with that convention and now produce a versatile single loading solution, utilising a suite of adaptors for individual pieces of equipment to load anything from ‘dumb’ bombs to the latest hi-tech weaponry.

The Didsbury Weapon Loader (DWL) adaptors are secured to the forks using two indexing plungers.


  • Low profile and manoeuvrable, front castors with directional locks, foot break on rear castors
  • Small logistical footprint and weight
  • Collapsible front and rear handles
  • Lifting/Tie down points, provision for grounding stores and adaptors
  • Simple to maintain by onsite staff with no specialist tooling needed
  • Require little operator training
  • Emission free, no harmful diesel exhaust fumes
  • Adaptors can be designed for new operational requirements on request
  • New capabilities can be easily added
  • All equipment already AGERD (B-7350) by BAE Systems

The Didsbury Weapon Loader (DWL) current capabilities include:


  • Meteor
  • Iris-T
  • AIM-9 Sidewinder
  • Bombs up to 635 kg (PavewayII, IV, GBU-12/19 etc.)
  • Litening III LDP
  • Damocles LDP
  • Pylons
  • Pylon Transportation
  • Launchers
  • 1000 ltr Fuel Tank (SFT)
  • Gun
  • GPS pods (FPR Pod, T50)
  • Height and Reach Adaptor (for removing stores from racking/ammunition trollies)
  • Spreader Bar – General purpose lifting hook
  • Transportation Trailer

Simple to use and durable weapon loading solution


Didsbury Engineering continues to do what they do best and now produce a Weapon Loading solution for the Eurofighter Typhoon. Breaking with the tradition for a host of different loaders for different weapon and role equipment types, Didsbury Engineering now produce a single loading solution for all stores up to 700 kg, utilising a suite of relatively low cost adapters for individual pieces of equipment.


The Didsbury solution is simple to use, durable, low maintenance and offers a low-cost option, not only in initial purchase price but in also in future proofing and it’s through life cost. For example, when new Role Equipment or Weapons are proposed to enter Service only a specific adaptor need be designed/re-designed, or modified and not the entire loader. Utilising the Didsbury Weapon Loader (DWL) solution means that high cost powered loaders need not be used as habitually, thus saving on expensive running and maintenance costs and utilising them only when necessary. The DWL is an ’emission free’ alternative to powered loaders therefore not subjecting personnel to potentially harmful diesel exhaust fumes whilst working in confined aircraft shelters. The DWL has a much smaller overall footprint in already congested aircraft shelters than its powered counterparts, also making it easier and cheaper to deploy by air or sea.


Didsbury Engineering can provide all aspects of training required to ensure that the customer can safely and expediently use the equipment. The DWL is compatible with current in service transportation trollies and as technology progresses in the weapon industry it will no longer be necessary to replace entire aircraft loading solutions, but merely to produce a new adapter, therefore saving money and development time.


Our sales team are always available to help you with any questions you may have.