Case Studies

Didsbury has many years experience in producing custom designed lifting and handling solutions for the Industrial Safety. These case studies describe just a few of the projects the company has fulfilled.

Case Study 1

Task: Linear Motors Replacement Davit

Vanderlande Industries UK Ltd installed a Bagtrax System at Heathrow Airport.

Material Handling issues were identified as the track in places is at high level, sloping and has minimum headroom. An extremely lightweight and portable Davit and Hoist lifting solution was required to fit in a confined working space, minimum space also meant that the Davit had to fit to the track via a clamp.

The Bagtrax system comprises a single guiding rail and twin running rails on which runs a Destination Coded Vehicle Cart, the carts run on free wheeled castors and are driven and braked by Linear Motors which are mounted to the cross members holding the track rails.

The track may be mounted at low level on the floor and at high level on supports also with inclines up to 30 degrees between levels.

Didsbury’s task in collaboration with Vanderlande Industries Engineers was to produce a lifting device for occasional replacement of the Linear Motors weighing between 40kg to 70kg where the track is not horizontal.

Case Study 2

Task: Man Riding Davits for External Window Cleaning

Didsbury Engineering helped solve a problem on a multi-storey building which required external window cleaning on a regular basis.  Two Man Riding Lightweight Davit Systems were installed on the roof top for the window cleaners to safely abseil down the building to get the job completed.


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