Case Studies

Didsbury has many years experience in producing custom designed lifting and handling solutions for the civil industry. These case studies describe just a few of the projects the company has fulfilled.


Task: Drain/vent aircraft fuel tanks, for quick and safe entry

Solution: Purge Air System

The Purge Air System, from Didsbury, provides maintenance personnel with the capability to easily drain, vent and enter aircraft fuel tanks, safely and efficiently, reducing the time aircraft are on the ground.

The complete system can be airfreighted. The Purge Air System is tailored to the customer’s specific requirements with drain tools and connections included for the specified aircraft. Rescue equipment is also provided in case an emergency situation arises during maintenance


Task: APU Installation / Removal A380

Solution: APU Frame, Hoist and Lift Beam

The A380 APU required a suite of equipment for handling the APU. This included a lift beam configured for removing the APU from a transit container into a handling frame. A handling frame, and a different set of equipment for lifting the APU from the handling trolley into the APU. 

The solution comprises two Didsbury hoists, a handling frame and a lift beam which can be configured for either removing the APU from transit container, or to install into APU, with an adjustable lift position to compensate for lifting the APU with or without generators. 



Task: A380 Wing Fairings

Solution: Lightweight Tape Hoist

Following receipt of an enquiry from Airbus, Didsbury designed & developed the 100/1 Lightweight Tape Hoist for handling A380 Wing Fairings.

The winding mechanism incorporates webbing instead of a steel wire rope. The soft webbing tape minimizes the risk of damaging the composite wing fairing and surrounding components.

The photographs show four 100/1 Lightweight Tape Hoists being utilised for installation for A380 Wing Fairing & A380 Ram Air Turbine (RAT)

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