At Didsbury Engineering, we fully understand that our customer’s operational equipment needs to be robust, reliable, in prime working order and supported by a network that is both accessible and knowledgeable.


Didsbury Engineering have a dedicated service and repair team for Purge-Air systems, with the sole aim to fulfil our customer’s service and repair requirements to the highest standards of quality and reliability

The Purge-Air system requires regular maintenance and servicing as the safety of technical personnel is paramount when carrying out maintenance and inspection programmes using the equipment contained within the Purge-Air system.

Gas Detector Kit Calibration and sensor response testing every six months.
Annual Service Complete inspection and test of all components, changing of filtration and lubrication oils.  Replenishment of consumables and documented report of condition provided.
Breathing Air Cylinder

Proof tested every 5 years from date of initial test.

(EU legal obligation under the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Directive, Directive 208/68/EC).

Breathing Air Module Air Panel 6 year overhaul of Module Air Panel, supply and fit 2xModul Air 6 year service kit.
“Flite” Breathing Air Harnesses 6 year overhaul of “Flite” Breathing Air Harnesses, supply and fit “Flite” 6 year overhaul.
Breathing Air System 12 year overhaul and test to include 6 year overhaul (as above) of Module Air Panel & “Flite” harnesses, also replacement of all rubber breathing air hoses.
“Flite” Breathing Air Harnesses 12 year overhaul and test “Flite” Breathing Air Harnesses and masks.

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