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04 April 2014


Here at Didsbury, we are doing all we can to keep you the customer up to date with all the goings on in and around Didsbury Engineering.  With the professional social networking site LinkedIn introducing their new structure to 'Showcase pages', we have decided to jump on board early!

Showcase pages are a great way for a company to share with its connections different sectors of business.  This way, people can now follow the line of business that means most to them as well as staying in touch with the corporate news feeds.

Didsbury Defence has now been added to the company LinkedIn page as a way for us to keep all our LinkedIn members right up to date with all our defence news.  So if you’re a LinkedIn user and would like to see the latest news feeds as they are posted, come join us here!

Defence from Didsbury Engineering - LinkedIn

Our Civil Aviation Tooling and Industrial Safety Showcase pages will be live soon!