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10 September 2013

London Branch - Entry into Enclosed Spaces: a day of Education, Awareness and Training.

Following on from the North of Scotland Branch seminar for the offshore industry in Aberdeen in September last year, the London Branch will host a similar event for the general shipping industry.

If we are to stop reading newspaper headlines about multiple death incidents in enclosed spaces in ports and the marine environment, there is more to be done than simply establishing set drills and procedures. We need a culture change in everyday work practice and this can only start with management and work its way through all levels of daily operation, encompassing the thinking at all levels.
This seminar and training workshop gives us a chance to bring together ship operation managers and superintendents, alongside safety managers and those people most directly involved, the people on the deck or below it who are going to enter such spaces.

On Show:-

David Platt will be in attendance whilst partners Mines Rescue demonstrate Didsbury Engineering’s Deco2000 and Lightweight Tripod in use.

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Industrial Safety Manager: David Platt