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09 September 2013

Purge-Air News update

Recent orders include four PRG290 A400M Modular Systems, one PRG224 Modular System ordered via ST Aerospace Supplies for SIAEC and one PRG271-WB Air Mover Kit for Lufthansa Tecknik Malta.

The first PRG290 was delivered on time and a comprehensive training course was carried out during May for Airbus Military / EADS CASA
engineers, Didsbury’s Managing Director Mike Bailey & Design Engineer Mark Hinchliffe attended.

Extract of e-mail received 16th August from Airbus GSE Tools Design & Engineering: -

We will arrange to have the PRG224 to also be listed in the TEM which should satisfy our customers, by all means if it

would be of assistance forward this mail to them to inform them that Airbus have no technical objections to using the
PRG224 in preference to the PRG002AKH and that we will be amending the documentation.