Industrial Safety

Davit Systems

Standard Davit System

The Didsbury Davit Systems provides portable hoist mountings for a variety of vertical lifting requirements.
The Standard model Davit consists of a two piece split pillar and a removable slewing arm with hoist mounting and chain claw bracket. Standard reach of jib is 1m, however jib radiuses up to 2m are available on request.

Flush Mount Socket Options.pdf

Surface Mount Socket Options.pdf

Wall Mount Socket Options.pdf

NEW Galvanised Davit System
This multi-purpose Davit also accommodates chain hoists. Flush sockets, floor mounted sockets and wall sockets are available to meet different applications of the davit. The Davit system and all davit sockets have an anti-corrosion galvanized finish. BS EN ISO 1461.


New Davit Flush Mount Socket.pdf

New Davit Surface Mount Socket.pdf

New Davit Wall Mount Socket.pdf

1500mm DAVIT.pdf

1250mm DAVIT.pdf

1000mm DAVIT.pdf

This Socket is designed for sinking into concrete and supplied with Cover Plate and Tee Key.

Flush Mount Socket Options.pdf

This Socket is designed for bolting to a concrete floor by means of 4 off M20 bolts (of Customer supply) and supplied with a Slipover Cover to protect the bore of the Socket when not in use.

Surface Mount Socket Options.pdf

This Socket is welded to a sturdy steel plate for bolting to, or through, sufficiently stable walls by means of 4 off M20 bolts of your supply.

Wall Mount Socket Options.pdf


The Didsbury Minilift Open Drum Wire Rope Hoist
This hoist can be used on the DIDSBURY DAVIT OR LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINIUM TRIPOD for confined space entry down to 45 meters. Supplied with a manually operated winding handle with slipping clutch feature this hoist can also be supplied with an air powered attachment.


The Didsbury deco2000 MK3 compact hoist is a lightweight lifting system for man riding and precision handling operations.
SWL 150kgs

Available with two choices of cable lengths 19m or 37m incorporating a controlled multi-layering drum action.  It is exceptionally versatile, easily portable and designed for use with the Didsbury Tripod, Davit systems or for suspension from any suitable overhead fixture. Built to Didsbury’s quality standards, the hoist meets the highest safety requirements.

Deco2000 Data Sheet.pdf

The Didsbury MINILIFT wire rope hoists are designed for safe goods handling and man riding operations.

SWL: Man riding 127kgs / Goods Lifting 254kgs

The enclosed drum wire rope minilift hoist is supplied with an extension tube and top sheath for overhead eye bolt mountings on tripods and davit systems, or spigot mounting where headroom is restricted. The open wire rope hoist drum model is supplied with frame mounting for normal tripod use. Manually operated in standard form Minilift wire rope hoists can also be converted to air power drive by a snap-on attachment.


Lifting Tripods

2m High Aluminium Lightweight Tripod for use with deco2000, LLRTZ , L Type Hoists, Chain Blocks and Fall Arresters

The Didsbury Lightweight Tripod provides an easy to handle hoist mounting for vertical lifts in restricted access situations. Easy to erect and adjustable for height and level, it can be deployed quickly for man riding, general lifting and rescue operations. When not in use the tripod packs away neatly in its own compact carrying bag.


Tripod Leg Pin Assembly for the Didsbury 2m High Aluminium Lightweight Tripod

1 Tripod Pin
1 Linked Chain
2 Key Rings

The Tripod Leg Pin Assembly includes:

This Leg Pin Assembly is for the Didsbury 2m High Aluminium Lightweight Tripod.

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Winding Handles

127kgs SWL Red Man Riding Handle for the deco2000 MKII

127kgs SWL Red Man Riding Handle for the LLRTZ

254kgs SWL Goods Lifting Handle for the LLRTZ

150kgs SWL Blue Man Riding Handle for the deco2000 MKIII

Manhole Cover Lifters

Companion Set Comprising:

  • 1 x Companion Lifter with Standard Clevis Key PART NO.10/1415
  • 1 x Combination Bar PART NO. 10/1917
  • 2 x Standard (Stockport) Remote Keys PART NO. 10/1445

Two handed operation.
Handles fold down for compact storage.
Wide nylon rollers at fulcrum point provide excellent stability.
Variety of remote keys to lock adaptor bar to cover.
Overall length: 1300mm (4’3″) Length with handles folded: 800mm (2’8″)
Weight: 14kg (31lbs)
These items are made to order and could take upto 4 weeks for delivery.


Standard pair set for Elkington Gatic Covers comprising:

2 x Standard Lifters with Standard Clevis Key

  • Safe, one or two man operation
  • Lightweight for easy deployment and convenient storage
  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Heel projection on lifter gives extra leverage to loosen tight or frozen covers prior to lifting
  • Adaptor bars and keys are available to lift virtually every type of cover


Lightweight Gantry Heavy Duty Gatic Cover Lifter

c/w lifting beam and 2 Gatic keys

The Didsbury Mini Gantry best serves the bigger Elkington Gatic covers, up to 400kgs in weight. Its fully adjustable legs allow operators to lift those covers on steep sloping ground safely. A braking system is incorporated in the beam to give the operator total control over the cover during lifting and lowering.


Adjusts in 2.5 degree




Maximum Length: 2600mm Maximum height: 1300mm


400kg (4:1 safety factor)

Larger or smaller models available on request.

Universal Manhole Key Set with Interchangeable Tips

Made from Carbon Steel for added strength and Zinc Plated to protect from rust.

Included within the kit are:

  • 2 x Interchangeable Handles 440mm long
  • 2 x 33mm t-tips
  • 2 x 22mm t-tips
  • 2 x 10mm side entry hooks
  • 2 x M10 screw tips
  • 2 x M12 screw tips
  • 2 x M16 screw adaptors
  • 1 x short stopcock tip
  • 1 x free long stopcock tip
  • 1 x Black Nylon Rollsack