Purge Air Systems for Aircraft Fuel Tank Entry & Rescue




Training is of vital importance. The price of Purge Air Systems includes a comprehensive training course.

Triton Aerospace

Triton Aerospace offer online Fuel Tank Entry Safety training courses and recommend the use of Purge Air equipment.                      

Key Features of The Purge Air System

  • Purges and ventilates tanks
  • Drains residual fuel
  • Removes fuel puddles
  • Provide engineers with a constant supply of breathable air             
  • Bonding system
  • Gas detection system
  • Communications systems
  • Intrinsically safe lighting
  • Rescue equipment
  • Allows safe entry into aircraft fuel tanks within one hour

Key Benefits of The Purge Air System

  • Residual fuel is pumped at a rate of up to 110ltr/min rather than gravity drained
  • Trials have proven that ventilation of a large wing tank can bring the atmosphere to a safe working level within 45 minutes
  • The puddle sucker Jet-Vac System quickly removes any residual fuel from between ribs
  • Complete system can be run from a single hanger air supply
  • Possible to gain entry to an aircraft fuel tank in around one hour
  • Contains all the equipment needed to quickly and safely enter an aircraft fuel tank





For further information, please contact our Civil Aviation Manager - Stephen.McCarthy@didsbury.com

Purge Air Flow Process For Aircraft Fuel Tanks Didsbury Purge Air Presentation Purge Air Leaflet

Four product variants are available from the Purge Air.

1. Modular Purge Air PRG224 used as a hanger workstation, but can be transported by air.
This modular system allows system components to be purchased separately.

PDF Data Sheet Purge Air PRG224   PDF Data Sheet Purge Air PRG212

2. Flight Boxes Purge Air - PRG002B used where routine air transport is expected in smaller aircrafts down to Boeing 737's.

PDF Data Sheet Purge Air PRG002B

3. AKH Container PRG002AKH Purge Air used where routine air transport is expected in A320 aircraft.

PDF Data Sheet Purge Air PRG002AKH

4. AKN Purge Air System PRG006 unit is designed to be a complete solution for fuel tank entry.

PDF Data Sheet Purge Air PRG006 AKN

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