For assembly line and maintenance teams we provide a wide range of hoists each specifically designed for the task and fully tested and approved by the aircraft manufacturers and listed in their tooling equipment manuals (TEMs) and aircraft maintenance manuals (AMMs).

We want to make it as straightforward as possible for you to select the correct Didsbury hoist for your application.

We also want you to enjoy safe, trouble free use of your Didsbury hoists.

Didsbury Provide:-

A web-based search capability
To identify the correct Didsbury hoist

Application sheets
Detailing all the components in each hoist kit.

Operating manuals
Providing detailed safe operating procedures.

Specific operating advice and training
If you are unsure about any Didsbury products, please contact us.

Global service, support and repair centres

Each service and repair centre has fully trained engineers and use only Didsbury approved parts.

Various attachments to suit individual requirements
We can reduce your tooling budget by providing the minimum additional attachments to modify your existing hoist kits to carry out other lifting applications. Please contact us for details.

Powered systems

Available to take the effort out of long lifts.


Most aircraft assembly lines and maintenance and repair organisations around the world usually have a number of Didsbury hoists.

Some companies decide to have separate hoist kits for each lifting application whilst others supplement their winding mechanisms with a range of tubes, couplings, top sheaths and lifting attachments to carry out various lifting applications.

Individual hoist kits for specific applications can be packed in purpose made flight cases. We can supply purpose built flight cases with the correct winding mechanisms and components to carry out all of your operational requirements in one pack or you can choose to have hoists which are used on a specific aircraft type packed together.

Whatever your tooling philosophy, we will be pleased to advise on the lowest cost option and most suitable packaging.

Didsbury Fishpole Hoist Kits - Specifically Designed for Boeing Aircraft.

For APU removal / installation on Boeing aircraft we offer 10/3641 Didsbury Fishpole Hoists & dedicated hoist kits: -

10/3641 Didsbury Fishpole Hoist Kit (includes one hoist) is specified in Boeing AMMs             

Two required for B737, B757, B767, B777 and B787 APU.

Three required for B747. 10/3641 is specified in Boeing AMMs, this includes extension tubes and couplings for various aircraft, we also offer lower cost dedicated hoist kits: -

  • 10/3641C1 for B737 (includes two hoists, configuration 1)
  • 10/3641C2 for B747 (includes three hoists, configuration 2)
  • 10/3641C3 for B757, B767, B777 & B787 (includes two hoists, configuration 3) 
                        Note use of staging required for B777.




Lightweight Tape Hoist

Webbing instead of wire rope is used for the main lift component because this can be ‘threaded’ through structures when a lift attachment point is some distance from the actual point of lift. The soft tape minimizes the risk of damaging surrounding components and allows the hoist body to be narrow.

The minimum bend radius is 10mm so there is no need for a large diameter pulley to be mounted onto the top sheath or directly below the attachment point.

The hoist uses a wind up – wind down mechanism which has seen extensive service in military applications. It is robust and reliable. These features allow the hoist to lift in more confined and awkward positions than current conventional wire rope hoists can manage.

Details such as the length of tube, shackle and top sheath attachments can be tailored to suit specific requirements – as with the existing hoists. The hoist weighs approximately 9 kg, excluding shackle attachments minimising the overall weight applied to the airframe.

The unit has a 15 metre lift
(Less the length of any tube attached) with a maximum lift of 100 kg

Key Benefits

  • Robust
  • Reliable
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use in confined spaces and when access is restricted

Technical Features

  • 100 kg safe working load
  • 200 kg safe working load in double fall configuration
  • 15 metre lift
  • 9 kg weight
  • Top sheath / shackle to suit applications
  • Lightweight components
  • 30 mm wide webbing sling
  • Wind up / wind down mechanism
  • No load release for rapid pay out

Part Numbers

  • 100/1 Lightweight Tape Hoist
  • 100/60 Double Fall Lightweight Tape Hoist
  • 100/112 Conversion Kit 100/1 to 100/60
  • 100/58 A400M Aileron & Spoiler Hoist Kit

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