91/502 A380 APU Lift Beam Assembly

Lifts the engine from the transport container into cradle and from cradle into aircraft.
Used with 91/498 A380 APU hoist assembly.
All parts are tested and certified to the highest standards throughout manufacturing process.
91/498 Aircraft Application Sheet
91/502 Aircraft Application Sheet

91/503 A380 APU AFT 'Horseshoe'

Lift Beam Assembly included in the 91/502 A380 APU Lifting Beam Assembly.

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91/535 A330 - A340 APU Lifting Beam

This is included in the 91/536 Hoist assembly.

91/536 Hoist Assembly

A2/61/816 1.4M Tripod 254kg SWL with Suction Type Feet

The tripod is designed for hoisting loads manually using a suitable minilift hoist. The legs are fitted with extendable lower sections to allow adjustment to be made for uneven or sloping locations.

Ideal for use on aircraft wings, each foot incorporates a manually operated vacuum pump to effectively adhere to the wings surface.

A1/61/815 Hoist and Tripod

for A320 MLG Actuator / side stay removal / installation. Includes A2/61/793 Hoist and A2/61/816 Tripod.

Tripod Suction Foot

Storage & Transportation boxes available on request.