Design Manuals

Below is a break down of the Didsbury Engineering Design Manual

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Winding Mech

41. Series Winding Mech

41 series.pdf

42. Series Winding Mech

42 series.pdf

43. Series Winding Mech

43 series.pdf

44. Series Winding Mech

44 series.pdf

54. Series Winding Mech

54 series.pdf

60. Series Winding Mech

60 series.pdf

91. Series Winding Mech

91 series.pdf

54. and 91. Series spigot mounted

54 and 91 series spigot mounted winging mech.pdf

Winding Handles

1.Winding Handle

Winding Handle.pdf

2.Adjustable Winding Handle

Adjustable Winding Handle.pdf

Existion Tube & Tube Coupling

1.Extension Tubes

Extension Tubes.pdf

2.Tube Couplings

Tube Coupling.pdf

Angle Changers

1.Angle Changers

Angle Changers.pdf

Top Sheaths

1.Top Sheath Ball End

Top Sheath Ball.pdf

2.Top Sheath Clevis

Top Sheath clevis.pdf

3.Top Sheath Fork

Top Sheath Folk.pdf

4.Top Sheath Hook

Top Sheath Hook.pdf

5.Top Sheath Spigot

Top Sheath Spigot.pdf

Lifting Attachements

1.Bottom Sheath

Bottom Sheath.pdf

2.Ball End

Ball End.pdf

3.Cable Assembly

Cable Assembly.pdf

4.Detachable Hook

Detachable Hook.pdf

5.Lifting Beam

Lifting Beam.pdf

6.Over Wing Winding

Overwing Winding.pdf