Hoist Kits

Didsbury Engineering provide a wide range of hoists each are specifically designed for the task, fully tested and approved by aircraft manufacturers and listed in their tooling equipment manuals (TEMs) and aircraft maintenance manuals (AMMs).


Hoist kits are light and portable with quick fitting attachments that can be assembled in a variety of configurations to suite specific lifting requirements, used to remove and install many high value aircraft components such as APUs, engines, landing gears, actuators, fairings, doors, ailerons, spoilers, batteries, air conditioning units and electric packs.

  • The Minilift system supplies the mechanical power for lifting by means of a manually operated winding handle. Two lifting speeds are provided, slow for relatively heavy loads and fast for rapid winding and unwinding of the unloaded cable or for carrying light loads.
  • Safety in operation is ensured by a ‘dead mans’ brake which is normally in the ‘on’ position.
  • An Air Powered Drive system is available to take the effort out of long lifts.
  • A number of manually operated hoists are available with capacities from 127kg to 1270kg (279 lb to 2799lb) on single fall cable.
  • Unique cable layering system, allowsthe cable to be wound in or out, with or without a load.
  • Hoist Kit capability searcharea, for current hoist applications available detailing all the components in each hoist kit in the aircraft application sheet.
  • Various attachments to suit individual requirements.
  • Specific Operating advice and training, if you are unsure about any product, please contact us by email sales@didsbury.com
  • Global service, support and repair centres.

The Didsbury Fishpole hoist kit is specifically designed Boeing Aircraft for the removal/installation of the APU and is specified in the Boeing AMMs.
The fishpole hoist kit is available as a complete kit to address all the specified aircraft as detailed in the aircraft application sheet, or alternatively, as a number of sub-configurations dedicated to aircraft type.

  • The Lightweight Tape Hoist system, uses webbing instead of wire rope as this can be ‘threaded’ through structures when a lift attachment point is some distance from the actual point of lift.
  • The soft tape minimises the risk of damaging surrounding components.
  • Easy to use in confined spaces and when access is restricted.
  • SWL of 100 kg (220 lb) and 200 kg (440 lb) in double fall configuration.
  • Various attachments to suit individual requirements.
  • Transportation/Storage cases for Lightweight Tape hoist kit.